Converting Cisco 7912 to SIP

Converting 7940/7960 to SIP is a walk in the park compared to converting a 7912. In order to convert the phone I had to:

  • Point the phone to my tftp server and allow it to download the correct firmware. I used cp7912080000sip060111a
  • Then I found and edited the "sipexample.txt" file that came with the firmware to work with my SIP setup
  • Then I tried to run cfgfmt.exe on "sipexample.txt" but it told me that it could not find ptag.dat so I had to rename the file "sip_ptag.dat" that came with the firmware to ptag.dat for the tool to convert the text file into a binary file.
  • Finally i placed the binary file named gkMAC_ADDRESS in root of the tftp server and restarted the phone. My tftp server already had a binary copy of gkdefault.txt on it or otherwise I would have had to convert that file to binary with the tool and place it on the tftp server as well


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hello.. could help me by sending the example files?

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