Edgemarc Sip Registrion Control

When the phone registers it tells the server how long its registration should be good for. If you want the edgemarc to intercept and replace this value, enable and edit the "Softswitch/IP-PBX expires Overides (s)" field. The softswitch then responds to the registration expire value with either what the phone sent of what it is configured for. If you want this value to be overridden enable and edit the  "Phone Expires Override (s)" field. Finally the edgmarc prevents the softswitch from being flooded with registration attempts. The "Rate-Pacing interval (s)" determines how often the edgemarc will allow a phone's registration to be sent through it. 
Note: when the edgemarc was configured as pictued above, summit-broadband said it was seeing reregistrations every 15 seconds excatly.

Summit-broad uses the reregistrations to keep the session alive in their session border controllers.


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