Vlans with Linksys SRW224G4P & Non-Cisco Router

Configuring the linksys switch to work with a non-cisco router was a bit of a pain. By default, all cisco interfaces are in vlan pvid 1, the native vlan and the packets are untagged. In order to separate the voice and data on my network, I set up two vlans on my router. VlanID 2 192.168.16.x  is used for voice and VlanID 3 192.168.15.x is used for data. I then configured one of the router's four switch ports to use 802.1Q tagging and enable both vlans on that port.

Each port on the linksys switch must be in one of the following three modes. Access is the default:

General — The port belongs to VLANs, and each VLAN is user-defined as tagged or
untagged (full 802.1Q mode).
– Access — The port belongs to a single untagged VLAN. When a port is in Access mode, the
packet types which are accepted on the port (packet type) cannot be designated. It is also not
possible to enable/disable ingress filtering on an access port.
– Trunk — The port belongs to VLANs in which all ports are tagged (except for an optional
single native VLAN).

To get the switch to work with my router, I first created two vlans to match those on my router.   I then made vlan 3 the management vlan for the switch and gave it an address on the 192.168.15.x network. I then designated port 24 (although you can use any port) to be my trunk port between the linksys switch and my router and to the switch to tag both vlans across that port. I then set the pvid to all of the other ports (1-23) to be 3. The PVID is the default vlan for which vlan traffic will be untagged on the port. Finally I set ports 1-23 to be in general mode, told them to exclude vlan 1, tag vlan 2, and leave vlan 3 untagged.

I then configured my phones to use vlan2 and gave them a 192.168.16.x address. Now any port on the linksys can be used for a phone or a computer, and the pc port on the back of cisco 7940's will also work.

In retrospect I realize I could have only created one additional vlan on the linksys switch and used the native vlan as my data vlan but this took me a little bit of playing around with to find where to configure everything in the gui, and it wasn't worth changing when I got it working.


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